Welcome to the Department of Clinical Science

The department consists of eight units whose common task is clinically oriented research and education at elementary, advanced and graduate levels. The department participates in the training of medical doctors and hosts the speech-language pathology programme as well as a number of freestanding courses in child- and adolescent psychiatry.

Department News

Blockage of protein a possible way to obstruct injuries to radiation therapy

It is possible to prevent certain injuries that can occur in radiation therapy against cancer. By blocking the activity of a plasma protein during and immediately after radiation, the patient can be protected against injury. This is shown in a new do...

Digital physics for machine perception

The new research program Mistra Digital Forest aim at digital solutions for a sustainable and efficient forest bioeconomy.

Parents guts tell tales to their children

Researchers at Umeå university in Sweden have published a new study showing that the gut bacteria can carry information of past experiences of an altered environment from parents to offspring. Eggs and sperm are not the only information carriers from...

New report: Taking the pulse of AI in Sweden

Under the auspices of the WASP initiative in artificial intelligence (the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program), industrial leaders, business leaders and researchers gathered this spring for five days of talks. A report that surveys...

Sara Pudas at UFBI receives a 4-year VR-grant


Art and Physics at Bildmuseet

Black holes, dark matter, gravity, space, time and motion – these are phenomena that fascinate scientists and artists alike. Bildmuseet presents Entangle / Physics and the Artistic Imagination; painting, installation, fashion design, sculpture, film,...

Solo exhibition by Ângela Ferreira opens at Bildmuseet

Ângela Ferreira is interested in post-colonial issues and how architecture bear traces of history, politics and ideology. In her exhibition Pan African Unity Mural, which opens on Friday 16 november, she presents sculptures and murals in different sp...

All genes of the Aspen tree mapped (at last)

This week, a team of researchers from Sweden, Belgium, England, Italy, Norway and South Korea publish the genomes of two species of aspen trees, a project that has taken close to ten years to complete and that proved to be more complicated than thoug...

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